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Mission Kona on Friday, March 6, 2020

While registration for the Kona Mission trip is free, once approved, participants will be required to pay a total fee of $1,600.00. If you agree....
Please complete the mission trip registration information below. Thank you!
*Parent/Guardian First Name:
*Parent/Guardian Last Name:
*Parent/Guardian Active Email Address:
*Parent/Guardian Mobile Phone:
The following questions pertain to the trip attendee::
*T-Shirt Size:
*Are you a member of Green Acres Baptist Church?:
If not, what church to you attend?:
*How long have you been a Christian?:
*Briefly describe how you became a Christian::
*Briefly describe what God is currently doing in your life::
*Why do you want to be part of this mission trip?:
Describe your past missions experience::
*Do you Speak more than one language?:
If you speak more than one language, please list them::
Health Concerns:
Other Considerations::
*I will attend weekly team meetings to prepare for the mission work we will be doing?:
*I understand that HSGO Sunday evening evangelism training is mandatory in order to participate on this mission trip::
Due to limited space, this mission trip is designed for 9-12th grade students and HS leaders. You will be notified via email if your application is approved.: